The Faults of Eyewitness Testimony

An eyewitness is someone who sees something happen and can describe events that took place. These people are oftentimes bystanders who witness a crime. They are often used by prosecutors to prove a defendant guilty, but there are studies that have been done to show that eyewitness testimony is unreliable, have caused frequent mistakes […]

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Bench Trials Verses Jury Trials

In the United States, there are two types of trials–bench trials and jury trials. Each option has advantages and disadvantages to each.  Understanding each process is crucial for trial preparation and strategy when faced with legal matters.
Bench Trials
A bench trial is a trial […]

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What does “Speedy Trial” mean?

A Defendant’s right to a speedy trial
The Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the constitutions of the individual states guarantee the right to a speedy trial to all persons accused of criminal wrongdoing. One of the biggest differences in a criminal case is the Defendant’s right to a speedy trial.  Although the criminal […]

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Will it end up on my record?

As a criminal defense attorney in Hawaii, one of the questions I hear frequently is, “Will it end up on my record?”

That question is a difficult one to answer because there are many different types of “records” that exist.  Some records are accessible to the public for free, some are accessible for a fee […]

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The Police Didn’t Read Me My Rights!

Anyone who has seen a crime drama on TV has heard the Miranda warnings at one time or another; “You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney…..”
One of the most common things I hear as a defense attorney […]

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Totally recommend Alen!!!

Alen was the most professional yet humble attorney and therefore, thats what I based my decision to hire him on. Did not promise me anything from the get-go like other attorneys I consulted with. Yet, he represented me with utmost professionalism and hard work and in turn, my case was dismissed. I'm not promising you that he will be able to do the same for you but I can say that he will represent you to the fullest and it's easy to see that he works hard for your case.

Posted by a DUI client, 10 months ago

Honest, reliable, and all around great attorney!

Alen is a wonderful attorney. I was involved in a criminal matter and Alen supported and fought for me throughout my entire case. He was able to represent me from the mainland which was relief so I didn't have to return to the island for court. He is everything I could have hoped for and more. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable, professional, and kept a responsive open line of communication. He was not only easy to work worth but seemed to always think 3 steps ahead and have a plan of action. He kept me informed and comfortable through a bad situation. Ultimately Alen was able to get my case dismissed due to a procedural defect. His hard work and attention to detail paid off! I am more than satisfied with the decision I made to hire him. He was a perfect fit for me, my case, and my particular circumstance.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client, 11 months ago

Great attorney to work with!!! HIGHLY recommended!

Seemed to be very loyal, and worked with me in every aspect of my DUI case, from financially to working with my crazy work schedule. He keeps his clients updated throughout the whole process and makes you feel more comfortable with the process. He thoroughly explains everything that is going on and makes you feel like he is truly on your side. I would highly recommend Alen Kaneshiro to anyone who is in need. He is very personable and seems to care about his client.

Posted by a DUI client, a year ago

An attorney you can trust!!!

Alen represented me in a licensing matter before an administrative board. He met with several times before the first hearing to prepare me and to develop a strategy that resulted in favorable outcome. This was very important for me because an unfavorable decision would have prevented me from continuing to work in my current industry. Although he seemed to be very busy, Alen returned every single phone call and message I left for him and took the time to explain each stage of the hearing process thoroughly. I would definitely recommend Alen to anyone who wants to be represented by an attorney who truly cares about each one of his clients.

Posted by Theodore, a Licensing client, 2 years ago

Professional and Reassuring

Legal proceedings are always such an emotional and scary process. Alen was able to allay all of my concerns related to my trial and even took the time to explain his strategy and ramifications, every step of the way. His style made me feel like a collaborator rather than a bystander (which I have had the experience of dealing with as well) and Alen was always available for consultation. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family as a direct result of his knowledge and experience.

Posted by a Criminal Defense client, 2 years ago

Your search is over

Alen has been an amazing lawyer. He treated me like his most valued client and after referring several friends to him, they all said the same thing. During our meeting I never felt rushed he would thoroughly answer any questions I had until I felt absolutely comfortable that I understood everything about my case. To be honest, he should be on Wall Street representing major corporations and charging ten times what he currently does but he loves the islands and it's people and has a passion for what he does.

Posted by Jesse, a Criminal Defense client, 2 years ago